Raleigh Becket + Scars

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I need to rewatch this series. I miss it so much.

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Scott/Logan AU: 

"Logan goes looking for Scott after Jean had told Logan she was all alone, leading him to believe that Scott is still alive. Logan gets injured on his journey, but ends up finding Scott who is shocked to discover him there. Scott demands Logan to leave before starting to run off himself. He hears Logan getting attacked and decides to save him."

I still want to write something based on this

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momentary ficlet: hearts like ours

Words: tortured, flower, shy, purple, alluring (from scottxlogan)

There would be no flowers. No long walks on the beach; no grandiose make-out sessions in the rain (where all Logan would taste and feel would be water, and the heavy slide of clothes against skin).

It would be this: A purple bruise bitten to the corner of Scott’s mouth, and Scott would lick it, and Logan would pause – finding a space and time mid-battle – to admire just how alluring he was.

Because if either of them were professionals at anything, it would be self-torture. And so the luxury of time, or sweet nothings, or the gradual blossom of affection were stunted by words, and fists; and the slice of a red beam cleaving through skin to reveal the gleam of metal.

Logan had been the one to put the bruise there: a nip of teeth, followed by a swipe of the tongue, to which Scott had responded in turn: head canting as his fingers stole into Logan’s shirt. Careful, shy and sure.

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pacific rim characters + art // vanitas emblems + german expressionism

Yeah so I just watched this movie last night and these are the two that made it for me. Ron Perlman, guys!!

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scottxlogan asked: Just wanted to say it's a fantastic start to the X-over story! I hope there's more in the future :)

From the Real Steel one? Probably not, unfortunately. That said, I totally have more of an idea for a Van Helsing/X-Men something or the other :”’D

A scene: Real Steel/X-Men

The deeper-most levels of the Xavier mansion were sparse and clinical. Everything was decked in a blinding shade of white – or primary red in Scott’s case – and rimmed with enforced metal, just in case. Dirt showed up easily on the floors. As did blood.

Scott followed the trail: the initial spill that would have drained onto the floor, then the streaks and half a handprint pressed against the wall; the splatters, penny-wide and black, before they trailed off into dots and the sticky-print of still-wet-blood-on-clothes.

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I Am What You Want (Me To Be)

Title: I Am What You Want (Me To Be)

Ratings/Warnings: PG, language

Summary: Princes from another world don’t usually spring up from beneath the streets of New York City. And Logan doesn’t usually go out of his way to help them out. Usually.

Pairings/Characters: Logan/Prince Edward, references to Prince Edward/Giselle, Marie, Bobby, Kitty

Disclaimer: Not mine

A/N: All the thanks in the world to scottxlogan for cheering me on, and especially for taking the time to put together a comic strip to go along with this fic :)


Comic by scottxlogan.