Why aren’t there reams of fic where Spider-Man and Logan hassle each other. Are there reams of fic like this that I haven’t found yet?

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A scene: Van Helsing/X-Men

The thing was that he had glimpsed inside other minds before. Jean’s had been an array of colours, sights and sounds; of impressions and half formed thoughts that had imprinted on his mind and on his skin, and had wrapped him in the most intricate and delicate of layers.

Charles’ mind, in comparison, was segmented: a long, endless corridor of black doors. Threatening in the way something lurked behind each one.

Logan’s mind was a forest. And it was raining.

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WIP: X-Men AU - displacement

So, I totally missed the 3rd Scogan challenge, which sucks seeing as displacement stories are my favourite thing. Anyway, what I have here is a WIP for the XM Big Bang that I had to drop out of.

This will get finished for this challenge, but who knows when so I’ll share anyway. Unbeta’d, basically just what I had in my doc.



The word broke through the haze and brought with it the ring of an alarm. Logan stirred, shaking off the lingering sensation of blood and metal, before he opened his eyes. It was just past dawn, the washy light filtering through the window to slant across the bed. Give it another hour and they would have laid across his face, bright and incessant. Logan reached across and slapped off the alarm.

“You up?”

The voice was familiar – steady and demanding. Usually. It wasn’t then – words lighter and more a question than a demand. Logan sat up in the bed and scrubbed a hand over his face.

“I’m up,” he said, a low rumble in his chest; still more asleep than awake.

That was until the voice clicked and Logan snapped his head up. “Scott?”

Scott met his gaze in the glass. Brows raised in question as he expertly looped the length of a tie before turning. “Yeah?”

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A scene: Ultimate Spider-Man AU

“D’you think it would work?”

Peter looked up from his notes. “Would what work?”

Sam nodded to the cut-off counter where the baristas worked, the four of them crammed behind the coffee machine. The café wasn’t big. Everything had a busy sort of feel to it, and the artwork, the music, and the flux of people in and out didn’t help.

Sometimes Peter wondered why they chose this particular place to study, the environment seemed at odds with the idea of getting work done.

“If I wrote something on my cup and left it for her.”

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I need to rewatch this series. I miss it so much.

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Scott/Logan AU: 

"Logan goes looking for Scott after Jean had told Logan she was all alone, leading him to believe that Scott is still alive. Logan gets injured on his journey, but ends up finding Scott who is shocked to discover him there. Scott demands Logan to leave before starting to run off himself. He hears Logan getting attacked and decides to save him."

I still want to write something based on this

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momentary ficlet: hearts like ours

Words: tortured, flower, shy, purple, alluring (from scottxlogan)

There would be no flowers. No long walks on the beach; no grandiose make-out sessions in the rain (where all Logan would taste and feel would be water, and the heavy slide of clothes against skin).

It would be this: A purple bruise bitten to the corner of Scott’s mouth, and Scott would lick it, and Logan would pause – finding a space and time mid-battle – to admire just how alluring he was.

Because if either of them were professionals at anything, it would be self-torture. And so the luxury of time, or sweet nothings, or the gradual blossom of affection were stunted by words, and fists; and the slice of a red beam cleaving through skin to reveal the gleam of metal.

Logan had been the one to put the bruise there: a nip of teeth, followed by a swipe of the tongue, to which Scott had responded in turn: head canting as his fingers stole into Logan’s shirt. Careful, shy and sure.

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pacific rim characters + art // vanitas emblems + german expressionism

Yeah so I just watched this movie last night and these are the two that made it for me. Ron Perlman, guys!!

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scottxlogan said: Just wanted to say it's a fantastic start to the X-over story! I hope there's more in the future :)

From the Real Steel one? Probably not, unfortunately. That said, I totally have more of an idea for a Van Helsing/X-Men something or the other :”’D